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An oustanding range of high performance connectors for the most demanding situations

For over 75 years LEMO has been designing and manufacturing industry-leading precision connectors for sectors as varied as medical, test and measurement, security and defence, energy and industrial, semiconductor, broadcasting, motorsport, transportation as well as many other specialties.

Our product range runs to over 90,000 combinations of configurable connector for high and low voltage, coaxial, thermocouple, fluidic, fibre optic and hybrid applications . The range continues to grow as we develop custom designs to meet the  challenges of a rapidly changing technological world. Today, LEMO offers exceptional reliability and high performance connectors for industries which demand evermore stringent technical and environmental specifications. 

tailor made solutions
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Tailor made solutions

The 20,000+ components we stock provide considerable opportunities to create off-the-shelf, modular connections. Each of the 90,000 potential configurations conforms to our highest standards. From miniaturised connectors for use in sterile conditions, to connectors which can withstand extremes of temperature and subaquatic conditions, our versatility does not compromise our commitment to quality, reliability and durability. The harmony between our components means complex connections don't have to be complicated. In the event that an off-the-shelf solution is not available, our engineers can work with your specifications to design and deliver custom solutions to meet your unique requirements.

Our 5 production sites enable us to satisfy demand for precision connectors of high quality while upholding our standards. This setup also helps us distribute production across regions, reducing the impact of any issues in one location. As a result, we can fulfill customer requirements and maintain our reputation.

Planned non-obsolescence

Of course, LEMO's generations of expertise and knowledge allow us to respond with innovation in a rapidly changing environment. With an eye on the future, our rigorous testing and durable materials ensure the longevity of our products. However, our longstanding experience also provides a valuable insight into the past. Our technical drawings have been archived since 1970, we conserve inventories, and original production machinery is maintained in full working order. We can, therefore, supply or reproduce the components which have been superseded over the decades.

Meet our 5 connector families:



Your configurable 

  • Self-Latching Push-Pull locking
  • Wide & modular range
  • Broad application reach
  • Indoor & outdoor


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Your medical preferred

  • Medical and Industrial grade plastic
  • Device ergonomics
  • Electrical safety
  • High density & modularity


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Your optimised 

  • Compact & miniature
  • Lightweight & low-profile
  • High vibration resistance
  • IP68 & MIL-STD tested


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Your extreme 

  • High/Low pressure
  • Radiation & corrosion
  • High Voltage
  • Regulated environments


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Your specialised 

  • Industry standards
  • Special configurations
  • Historical products
  • Media converters 


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