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LEMO's commitment to innovation and meeting the diverse demands of our customers has resulted in the development of a wide range of special configurations and solutions that have made a significant impact on our company's development. These specialised offerings can showcase our dedication to catering to unique and demanding requirements. Some examples include:

• Compact and miniature options (coaxial and multipole): 0A, 01, C1, 2G/2C 
• High-pressure solutions: V, 03 
• High-voltage solutions: 05, 5G
• Hermaphrodite connectors: H
• Rectangular connectors: Redel R, ideal for integrating high densities in panels with low height
• DIN and CECC standard contacts: COELVER range

In addition to our diverse product offerings, LEMO's long-standing commitment to quality innovation has also led to the development of two international standards:

• Nim-Camac (CD/N 549) with the 00 series, designed for testing and measurement purposes.
• 3K.93C.Y with the K series, specifically tailored for the broadcasting market and compliant with SMPTE standards.

For the broadcasting market, we provide comprehensive solutions that adhere to the SMPTE standard. These solutions include connectors, cables, patch panels, and media converters that enable the conversion of coaxial or triaxial signals into optical fiber signals.

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Use the table to see the 2 main series within the SPECIALTIES connector family and to identify the connector(s) best adapted to your specific requirements.
3K.93C.Y - SMPTE Hybrid

3K.93C.Y - SMPTE Hybrid

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Description Description The standard for high-definition TV (SMPTE 304). Robust hybrid fiber optic connector guarenteeing certified signal integrity. Description 00 series: Coaxial 50 Ω self-latching connectors, the basis of the NIM-CAMAC standard. 01 series: Smallest self-latching coaxial 50 Ω connectors.
Locking Locking Push-Pull Locking Push-Pull
Size Size 1 size ø 19.5 mm (plugs) Size 2 sizes from ø 5.0 to ø 6.4 mm (plugs)
Keying Keying 1 keyway Keying No keying (Coax)
Shell Types Shell Types Over 11 shell style Shell Types Over 40 shell styles
Shell Material Shell Material Stainless steel or Brass Shell Material Brass
Plating Plating Chrome on brass version Plating Nickel, Chrome or Gold
Cable Diameter Cable Diameter 8.9 to 9.5 mm Cable Diameter 1.1 to 5.5 mm
NB of contact NB of contact 2 FO / 2 signal / 2 power & ground NB of contact Coax 50Ω
AWG AWG 14 to 24 AWG 26
Contact types Contact types Multipole • Fibre Optic High Voltage Contact types Coax 50Ω
Contact Termination Contact Termination Crimp Contact Termination Solder / Crimp / Print (PCB)
Standard Standard SMPTE 304 & equivalent Standard
Sealing Level Sealing Level IP68 Sealing Level IP50 / hermetic sockets
Temperature Range Temperature Range -40°C to 80°C Temperature Range -55°C to 260°C
Mating Cycles Mating Cycles > 20000 Mating Cycles 00 > 5000 / 01 > 1000
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