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Signal Integrity and High Speed

The reliable, rapid transfer of data is increasingly important as our homes, vehicles and workplaces use more and more sensors and processors to exchange data.

Ethernet and USB are among the industry standards for data transmission. They define the parameters for signal loss (insertion loss), signal discontinuity (return loss) or undesired effects (crosstalk, noise). The upper and lower limits of these parameters are prescribed for every component of a transmission line: cable, cable length, connector etc. When these parameters are respected, the transmission line can perform to its maximum specified data speed (expressed in Mb/s or Gb/s). 

The Importance of Reliable Connections

The environmental conditions, distance, weight and cost are factors in the choice of appropriate connectivity solutions for a given application. High-speed and high-frequency data transfer - anything above 25Mb/s - is usually achieved with twisted pairs cabling, coaxial or fibre optic cables.

As with data transmission, protocols for the cables and connectors themselves have been developed. Standard connectors are used across a wide variety of applications but they often lack the durability to function under demanding conditions.

Recognising this important fact, LEMO developed specific inserts to match the electrical parameters for various high-speed norms, housing them in optimised, resistant connector designs.

Connectors play a critical role in data transfer and integrity. However, the cable assembly must also be properly executed, tested and certified to guarantee full compliance with the appropriate protocols.

Technical Challenges

The unrelenting speed of data transmission has coupled with greater security and quality. A connector's pin configuration must adhere to specific design requirements for each new protocol. Particular materials are required to reduce interference and maintain integrity. Designing proprietary connectors to satisfy the protocols is a significant challenge which requires simulations, proof of concept and rigorous testing.

The continual appetite for miniaturisation is a consistent challenge which must be taken into account when designing high-speed connections.

The Advantages of LEMO Solutions 

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LEMO's extensive experience of reliable high-speed connectors began with the evolution of ethernet and USB protocols in the early 2000s.

Today, LEMO offers one of the most comprehensive portfolios of proprietary hi-speed connectors for demanding situations.

Across coaxial, fibre optic and twisted pair technologies, LEMO offers:  

  • Guaranteed signal integrity and compliance with the latest protocols (10G Ethernet, Single Pair Ethernet, USB, HDMI, Displayport etc)
  • Total security of sensitive data transmission in harsh environments
  • Robust design, including IP68 sealing
  • Miniaturisation
  • Push-Pull and ratchet latching systems
  • 5,000+ mating cycles
  • 360° screening for full EMC shielding
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