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At LEMO, we invent the future simply by investing in the future. In line with our core business values, we are actively involved in the promotion and sponsorship of pioneering innovation projects spanning a wide range of technologies worldwide.

Let’s start a connectivity revolution

The LEMO Group helps promising start-ups as well as university projects. We carefully select potential candidates from top technical universities and young companies. Along with considering sustainable development initiatives, we look for ideas that feature powerful innovation potential. We foster innovation across high-demand segments and through various applications. We seek to constantly push the boundaries of connectivity, integrating it with various applications with the aim of promoting, together, a connectivity revolution.

Innovation and sustainable developments drive our business

Our goal is to encourage technological change with as wide an impact as possible, for the greatest number of applications. We enjoy contributing to advances in energy-saving fields, such as electric- and solar-powered vehicles, that are becoming increasingly critical. Overall, the projects we become involved with tend to be those which aim to resolve issues.

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Preparing for the future also means contributing to the emergence of engineering talent by providing support to local projects, making sure that the best new ideas can be put to work to drive positive change.
Staying in touch with communities

Well aware of the added value of human interaction and genuine passion, we have created a community of young and talented engineers, where free exchanges of ideas are of the utmost importance. Sponsorship activities strengthen our ties with local communities and help us identify new requirements and product ideas. Local resources can also serve as the perfect arena for new product development, testing, trials and accurately gauging the real benefits delivered to customers.

Boosting our own innovation capabilities

Sponsorships also contribute to the LEMO Group’s own innovation capabilities. We are well aware that sometimes you cannot do everything by yourself, and a push forward can often come from an external source, no matter how visionary, or improbable. 

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We’re teaming up for many years to come

Over the years, we’ve developed long-term and collaborative partnerships in technical areas, providing high-quality, reliable connectors and cables that boost performance in any environment and for any application. While we provide technical support to identify requirements and assist in selecting the best interconnect solutions, our partners benefit from a constant exchange of experience, information, engineering and development services and unique know-how.

See for yourself

The following map shows some innovative projects supported by the LEMO Group. Learn more about each of them simply by clicking on the one you are interested in.

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