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Over 75 years of innovation and leadership

A family company, LEMO has always been totally independent which made it possible to build a long-term vision. Management has always been highly involved and pragmatic, adapting its means and reinvesting profit, safeguarding sound finances. As a result: over 75 years of controlled regular growth, despite the sometimes turbulent economic or global health issues encountered along the way.

Such remarkable stability has enabled us to focus on our primary mission, to innovate and design cutting-edge interconnection solutions. It has also made it possible for us to acquire a deep understanding of application requirements whilst building mutually respectful and trustful relationships with customers. A host of customers have trusted us for years, even decades. The durability of our solutions is also built on long-term human relationships.

Humble beginnings

Léon Mouttet, a Swiss precision mechanic and creative mastermind founded LEMO in 1946 in Morges, on the shores of Lake Geneva. It was in his first small workshop that he created innovative electric contacts and devices for the watchmaking industry.

He assembled them around the lounge table with his wife and daughter. As of 1954, the first LEMO connectors were produced for the electronics market.

The Push-Pull Revolution

Unsatisfied with the various types of connector latching systems, Léon Mouttet invented his own brilliant solution, easy-to-use and perfectly safe. The patent application for what would be known as the original Push-Pull latching system, was filed in 1957.

The revolutionary system soon became a new global standard across the electronics industry.

Continuous innovation and growth

The robustness and reliability of Push-Pull connectors which are still “Made in Switzerland” has underpinned the continuously growing success for LEMO. Over the decades, the Group has introduced a multitude of innovations and extended its know-how to cables.

LEMO has become a global benchmark for high performance interconnect systems used in demanding applications and in harsh environments.

  • Creation of LEMO by Léon. Mouttet
  • Electric contacts made of molybdenum
  • Push-pull patent
  • S series LEMO's first series
  • 10 employees
  • Inauguration of the first factory in Morges
  • E series (watertight)

B series 2nd generation push-pull and K series it's watertight version

  • 250 employees worldwide
  • 3P series a first in synthetic materials
  • The first fibre optic connectors
  • Creation of REDEL
  • Current HQ inaugurated in Ecublens
  • 500 employees worldwide
  • The Group present on all continents
  • F series
  • 3K.93C becomes an HDTV standard in Japan
  • N series (nuclear)
  • Creation of LEMO FOUR (Fibre Optic Unit of Research)
  • Alexandre Pesci, the founder's grandson becomes the CEO
  • 1000 employees worldwide
  • R series (Rectangular plastic)
  • M series (motorsport and military)
  • Media converters
  • REDEL SP series (medical)
  • T series (outdoors)
  • Acquisition of Northwire
  • Launch of the European Distribution Centre
  • Anglissimo connectors
  • Halo LED connectors
  • LEMO receives a Technology & Engineering Emmy Award
  • 75 anniversary, over 2000 employees

Three CEO's, continued independence

Three generations of the same family have been at the helm of LEMO. This has been one of the keys to the Group’s continuous success.

The brilliant inventor

Léon Mouttet, LEMO’s founder was an engineering genius, an inventor with an inexhaustible treasure trove of ideas, as his colleagues used to say. Modest and generous, he knew how to share his ideas and give his instructions with a few pencil strokes. A creative mind, Léon Mouttet also managed to build his company upon strong foundations: he had the first factories built, launched the first subsidiaries, entered important markets (Germany, USA, Japan…). The founder stepped down from his CEO position in 1978, only two years before he passed away.

The company builder

The successor appointed by Léon Mouttet was his son-in-law, Marcello Pesci. He was working as an engineer for the Italian television (RAI) when he met Josée Mouttet in Rome.

Immersed in the world of connectors, this born entrepreneur created COELVER (coaxial and fibre optic miniaturised solutions), before taking over LEMO’s management. A devoted and well-organised leader, he transformed the family enterprise into a group active worldwide. He developed sales structures and production capacity, consolidated processes.

An engineering mastermind, he also led R&D and initiated many new products. By the time he retired in 2000, worldwide staff had multiplied by four and the brand had become a leading reference in the most demanding sectors such as medical, aerospace, motorsport, and broadcast.

The visionary leader

Son and grandson of the first two LEMO directors, 33-year-old Alexandre Pesci became the third CEO of the Group.

He was very well-prepared for the job: having obtained a master’s degree in commercial and industrial sciences from Geneva University (specialization in business management), he gained experience as the marketing director for LEMO HQ and LEMO USA. Alexandre Pesci followed in his father’s footsteps: he structured, further developed, and strengthened the Group’s footprint which underpinned its continued growth. As a visionary leader, he oriented his enterprise towards new emerging markets and sectors (renewable energies, high precision medical robotics, autonomous vehicles, drones…).

He anchored the brand into high-end and harsh environments. He has even tried and tested LEMO solutions in real extreme conditions by driving a car packed with LEMO connectors and making it successfully to the finish line of the Dakar Rally. He also broadened the business scope to complete interconnection solutions, namely through the acquisition of US cable manufacturer NORTHWIRE.

lemo product portfolio
Continuing the quest for excellence

The company is now widely recognised as the global leader in the field of interconnect solutions. In addition to the ingenuity and dedication of its founder and engineers, what has allowed the LEMO Group to grow in such a stunning manner?

The continued quest for excellence based on our three basic principles : independence, quality and innovation.

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