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Originally created to meet the daily life-or-death stakes required by medical equipment, LEMO’s Premium Plastic product series can be found in operating theatres and intensive care units worldwide. The patented Premium Plastic Push-Pull self-latching system  – offers outstanding reliability for monitoring and crucial care applications. Now recognised as the standard in the medical field, our Premium REDEL Plastic range is widely used in electrophysiology catheters, electrosurgical devices, heart pumps, robotic surgical devices and MRI machines.  

Readily adapts to all sterile situations 

Based on a modular design, the Premiun Plastic series offers a huge range of more than 5,000 connectors measuring from ø 14 mm to ø 21 mm, capable of handling cable diameters up to 9.5 mm and with up to 34 contacts. Premium Plastic materials are sterilisation certified, clean and biocompatible. REDEL’s proprietary sulfone PPSU thermoplastic material, which can withstand extensive numbers of sterilisation cycles and has a high level of chemical resistance. The Premium Plastic Push-Pull connectors are available in IP50, IP64 and IP66 versions. |Single-use disposable connectors are also available.  

Many contact configurations and safety features 

 LEMO’s Premium Plastic connectors wide choice offers numerous contact configurations: multipole contacts, coaxial, fibre optics and fluid connectors, so that signals, power, fluids, and light can all be transmitted with the highest reliability. Moreover, the added colour coding safety feature allows immediate visual confirmation of the compatibility of connectors.  

Use the table to compare the 2 main series within the REDEL connector family and to identify the connector(s) best adapted to your specific requirements.
REDEL P - Push-Pull

REDEL P - Push-Pull

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REDEL SP - Inner Push-Pull

REDEL SP - Inner Push-Pull

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Description Description Highly configurable plastic Push-Pull connector Description Highly configurable plastic connector with inner Push-Pull
Locking Locking Push-Pull Locking Inner Push-Pull
Size Size 3 sizes from ø 14.0 to ø 21.2 mm (plugs) Size 1 size ø 15.5 mm (plugs)
Keying Keying 6 keyway + 7 colour options Keying 4 keyway + 7 colour options
Shell Type Shell Type Over 12 shell styles​ Shell Type Over 8 shell styles​
Shell Material Shell Material PEI / PSU Shell Material PPSU
Plating Plating - Plating -
Cable Diameter Cable Diameter 2.7 to 9.5 mm Cable Diameter 2.5 to 7.5 mm
NB of contact NB of contact 2 to 34 NB of contact 4 to 22
AWG AWG 12 to 32 mm AWG 18 to 32 mm
Contact types Contact types Multipole • Coax • Fibre Optic • Fluidic High Voltage • Mixed • Thermocouple Contact types Multipole
Contact Termination Contact Termination Solder / Crimp / Print (PCB) Contact Termination Solder / Crimp / Print (PCB)
Sterilization Sterilization Steam / ETO / Serris / Gamma Sterilization Steam / ETO / Serris / Gamma
Sealing level Sealing level IP50 / IP66 Sealing level IP50
Temperature range Temperature range -55°C to 170°C Temperature range -50°C to 170°C
Mating Cycles Mating Cycles > 1000 Mating Cycles > 2000
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