LEMO in Swiss magazine Bilan

LEMO is given as an example in an article on French-speaking Swiss companies, in the backyard of the Formula 1 circuits, who are indispensable and make the race cars of Lewis Hamilton or Charles Leclerc ever more efficient. Without their products, there would be no F1.

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English translation of the extract on LEMO:

Connectors that have become a global standard

Who are they? What do they develop? In Écublens, in the canton of Vaud, the family company LEMO develops and produces connectors. These are the connectors that transmit data from the various sensors and equip all the engine control units in the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) Formula 1 championship. They have become a world standard in motor racing, particularly in F1. These connectors also equip the radios of all the teams, including Ferrari and MacLaren.

A family business founded in 1946 by Léon Mouttet, LEMO is now run by his grandson, Alexandre Pesci. The company, which employs 2,000 people worldwide - including 900 in Switzerland - can count on a highly diversified customer base in the medical, space, audiovisual and nuclear research sectors. "During Covid, we equipped 90% of the world's leading manufacturers of respirators and intensive care units. Being present in the highly demanding field of Formula 1 offers us prestige and visibility", notes Alexandre Pesci, a motor sport enthusiast who has just taken part in the Dakar Rally for the fifth time as a driver. He was able to test his connectors in real-life extreme conditions.



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